Recently, we had the opportunity to use our expert commercial painting skills in a way that contributed back to the wellbeing of children. Our team got a call from CRIT-USA (the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute) about doing a repaint of their building’s exterior. They wanted to keep the same bright, vibrant color scheme but needed a new coat to keep things looking sharp and fresh. Lucky for them, Superior Painting and Remodeling is here to come to the rescue!

As the premier San Antonio commercial painting contractors, we were able to send an expert team of painting contractors out to the CRIT facility and got all three of their buildings repainted and refinished quickly and professionally. We were able to put the bright, luminous color back into the facility and make it as warm and inviting as possible for the children who do their rehabilitation there. Our team was proud to not only do their normally exceptional level of work on such a large and challenging project, but also took pride in knowing that their efforts were improving the lives of children. Sometimes, a painting project can be more rewarding than just being a job well done. This was definitely one of those cases.

All in all, the project worked out well for everyone. The facility looks great, the institute is happy with the results, and our team is proud to have been able to contribute to a meaningful cause. Check out our gallery of pictures to see the great work that the Superior Painting and Remodeling team delivered!