With 2018 flying by, the holiday season is approaching fast. With the holiday season means prepping your home for upcoming get-togethers, parties or to just give your home a holiday look and feel for yourself.  A great way to do this and get a home improvement project complete is by giving the interior of your home a new paint job to boost that holiday aesthetic. If you’re really bold, you could even go with an entire remodeling project, but for this post, we’ll focus just on the simple San Antonio painting projects you can opt for.

Before diving into that project, review this list of 5 ideas and tips below that will help give you ideas and potentially save you time & money, courtesy of your home painting friends at Superior Paitning and Remodeling.


1. Add A Festive Accent Wall

Adding fresh color to a single wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms or living rooms is a great, quick, simple way to add a holiday aesthetic to the interior of your home. In many cases if you have a uniform color palette in a room in your home, you can find a complementary color that will give that room a holiday feel without having to paint the entire room. This brightens up the interior and gives your home the splash of holiday fun you’re after.


2. Paint Your Cabinets For A Quick Kitchen Aesthetic Update

If you don’t choose to paint the walls of your kitchen or add an accent wall, painting your cabinets to add the accent is another quick way to give your interior a nice aesthetic for the holidays. Again using the wall color of your kitchen, it’s quite easy to find a festive complementary color for those cabinets and one that you’ll be happy with long-term. We actually love doing kitchen cabinet painting projects, and can help you save tons of time and money versus actually purchasing new cabinets, all while still revamping your kitchen’s appearance.


3. Try Out Some Warmer Colors For Family/Guest Rooms

No matter if you live in Alamo HeightsStone Oak, Converse, Helotes, or anywhere else in the greater San Antonio area,  the holiday season is associated with shorter days and lower temperatures. Try offsetting the reduced daylight and cooler weather by going with a full splash of warm colors around the interior of your home. Think shades of orange, reds, greens or yellows.

As mentioned above, you may not need to paint an entire room to make it feel warmer; an accent wall could do the trick in certain circumstances.


4. Keep Your Other Decorations In Mind When Choosing Color Palettes

If you’re prepping for the holidays odds are good you’ll be using a slew of decorations for each one to really fill in your aesthetic. Keep the colors and shapes of your decorations in mind when choosing your holiday color palette to ensure that as you set and swap them, your overall aesthetic stays nice and complementary with your interior room colors.


5. Look For Interior Painting Holiday Deals & Specials

Right before the holiday season many San Antonio painting companies run deals or specials, so be on the look out for those while you’re planning your next project.

Speaking of interior painting specials, did you know that we’re running a special in the entire month of December? The holiday season gets quite busy for us so now’s your chance to book a discounted holiday painting project for any whole home repaint – interior OR exterior.

Now through December 30 you can get $1,000 off your interior painting project for any whole home repaint! We’re booking up fast, so contact us today via email or call at 210-449-0193 to get your free estimate!