You’re ready to transform the interior of your home, but you aren’t sure how to go about it.

Purchase new furniture? No, too costly. Switch out the drapes? No, not dramatic enough.

Then, you’re struck by inspiration: it’s time to paint the walls!

This minor upgrade is something you’ll notice every time you enter the room. Depending on the colors you choose, your room can take on an entirely new look. 

Here’s how a simple coat of paint can overhaul the appearance of any interior space:


Increase Its Value

Did you know that painting a room does more than improve its appearance? It also factors into the resale value of your property. It’s estimated that by painting the interior of your home, you can get an ROI of up to 107%!


Tone it Down with Neutrals

There’s a reason why neutral tones are so popular in modern homes: they match most decorations, they aren’t off-putting, and few people dislike them. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with a shade like brown, beige, or gray.

Covering your walls with a neutral color can divert attention away from them, which places the focus back on your stylish decorations.


Change Its Aesthetic

How do you completely redo a room without breaking the bank? It all starts with a new coat of paint.

If you’re aiming to create a particular style, the walls can help you achieve it. But the creative process requires careful planning. Before you execute your vision, you’ll want to make sure that the walls match the rest of your furniture and decorations.

Whether you’re going for a modern, industrial, or traditional style, your color scheme will play an important role in your design choices. The walls can either make or break your aesthetic.

It’s surprising how much you can alter a room just by changing the walls. Think about the mood you’d like to create before purchasing a bucket of paint. 


Cover Imperfections

Over the years, your walls might suffer some serious damage. Between moving furniture or rowdy children, the walls may be damaged by chips, scuffs, and even markers. 

With a layer of paint, you can forget about those irritating imperfections. The transformative effect will be twofold: you’ll have a fresh wall color and no more chipped paint.


Add Light or Contrast

After years of living in the same place, you may grow fatigued by the same old walls. You’re tired of the dark and dreary colors that are in your living room. It’s time for an updated look—a wall that’s brighter, cleaner, and more exuberant. Shades of white or light blue are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Or perhaps it’s the opposite: you’re ready to tone down the walls with a color that’s cozier, deeper, and more comforting. You may find that shades like evergreen or burnt pumpkin create an atmosphere of relaxation.


Modernize it

Your bedroom looks so 2020 (a year that most of us would like to wipe from our memories). A coat of paint can help you leave the past in the past and stay current with new styles.

Look out for home color trends for 2021. A few colors to watch out for include teal, gray, and yellow. Demonstrate that you keep up with trends by painting a room with one of the hottest colors this year.


Patterns Make a Space Unique

Who says that your walls need to be one solid color? Maybe you’re ready for something more unique. Consider the following patterns, which can have a transformative effect in any room:

  • Stripes

This classic look refreshes any living area. You can opt for thin pinstripes or thick, eye-catching bands of color.

  • Shapes

Ready to embrace your creativity? Consider an intricate pattern of interlocking shapes like triangles, diamonds, and/or circles. To avoid overpowering a room, you may want to reserve this pattern for just one accent wall.

  • Gradients

A soft blend from one shade to another creates an eye-catching effect. For example, a transition from sky blue to navy can symbolize the shifting colors of the sky.


If you feel inspired to make a change in your life, why not start with the walls in your home? Paint is a great way to transform any living space.

When it’s time to repaint your home, contact Superior Painting and Remodeling in San Antonio. With our help, your walls will be brighter, cleaner, and smoother than ever before.