Do you love the way your home looks right now? Or is it still stuck a bit in the ’80s? Maybe you’ve been meaning to repaint your home since you moved in, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Our homes can become outdated quicker than we may realize. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when repainting your home and picking the right color. 


Accept The Change 

2020 brought many things and remodels are one of them. While being cooped up indoors for a year, everyone realized exactly what they didn’t like about their surroundings and went about to change it. Ordering new furniture, remodeling, and painting became a recurring theme throughout households across America. If you feel like your home needs an update, but are worried about it being expensive, repainting is a great option. Repainting your home and picking the right color can drastically change your home without costing an arm and a leg. 


Decide On The Space 

First things first, decide on a space that’s used often, not a space that’s barely used. While it may seem to make sense to remodel a room with less traffic, it can actually end up delaying the process or keep it from ending at all. Another good thing about repainting a space that’s used often is that they usually don’t need as much remodeling/redecorating vs a room that’s emptier and less often used. 


Take Time To Pick The Right Color 

Color can completely change the way a room feels, therefore plenty of thought and research should go into selecting the right color for your home. We’re probably stating the obvious, but your favorite color most likely will not translate as a good wall color. First taking into consideration what the space is used for, how often, and what you want the overall feeling/vibe to be in the room will help you pick the perfect color for your room. Another thing to consider is reflections from the neighboring house’s exterior, which can definitely affect your room’s overall color and feel. 


The cost of repainting your space? Two gallons of paint. The cost of loving the space you’re stuck in? Priceless. Leave your project to the professionals here at Superior Painting and Remodeling so you can get back to what’s important to you.