Happy New Year!

With a new year upon us, now might be the perfect time to consider revamping and revitalizing your kitchen. As is the case every year, 2023 will bring the beginning of new kitchen design trends, the end of others, and a pivot or two from what has been commonplace over the past few years.

Without further ado, here’s the top 6 2023 Kitchen Painting Trends you may want to consider for your home.

1. Earth Tones

For years, clean, cold and almost clinical kitchen color combinations were all the rage. The more white and light grey, the better. This year promises to offer a bit of a course-correction. While the nature-inspired greens and blues that complemented the all-white kitchen trend still offer a sense of renewal and relaxation, browns and reds offer a cozier alternative to brights and neutrals with cooler undertones.

2. Vintage Colors

Let’s face it – the past few years have been rough for a lot of us. With that in mind, it’s no wonder many designers are leaning back into the archives to embrace a sort of nostalgia for a more prosperous time. Design elements like herringbone patterns, painted wainscoting, and handsome strong Victorian colors in townhouse and country kitchens alike not only call back on history, but improve on it. These help create a more vibrant, energetic environment to create a truly unique aesthetic. Think comforting browns, navy blues, and burgundy.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Paint

As all-white everything kitchens begin to ebb in popularity, designers are begin to embrace the eye-catching makeover that a few cans of paint can create. Designers are not only painting over their bright-white surfaces and kitchen cabinets with powerful shades, they’re expanding the focus to every surface — including floors. Bold colors for walls, cabinets and floors are one of the top trends of the year.

4. Tuxedo Cabinets

Not familiar with Tuxedo Cabinets? It’s the design and decor term for when dark lower cabinets are countered by light, natural-wood colored upper cabinets. This split focus combination has been growing in popularity and fits all design styles, from modern and contemporary to cottage. This year will be the year of natural wood lower cabinets, but if your budget doesn’t allow for that splurge, consider painting your lower cabinets with natural-toned brown hues. Just be sure to look for browns with a grey undertone. They’ll look great on cabinets since they add flair without overwhelming the entire kitchen.

5. Warm Reds

Want to make your kitchen stand out and feel much warmer? Lean into warm red hues to create a truly unique feel. Reds are another trend that pulls away from the over-use of all white and the millennial pink hues from the past few years, and creates a comfortable yet edgy feel. Consider using spicy reds in this dynamic space. The kitchen can be one of the easiest places to play with a bold color choice, and even those nervous of color can’t deny the beauty of bright red color pops.

6. Cool Greens

On the other end of the spectrum, cool green hues are likely to dominate the design landscape this year, as aesthetics inspired by the soothing neutrals of the great outdoors will continue to be popular. With wood and white shades as the backdrop, deep, nature-inspired shades are gaining popularity, the color combinations are balanced and harmonizing and also focus on an accent color that sets the focal point. Expect to continue to see lush olive greens, fresh spring tones, and subtle green undertones throughout kitchens in 2023.

No matter what your style, 2023 may be the perfect year to pull away from the white-washed trends of the past few years and embrace a different aesthetic for your kitchen. If so, the San Antonio painting experts at Superior Painting and Remodeling are here to help handle all your kitchen painting needs. Contact our team today to get a free consultation and determine what style you want for your kitchen in the new year!