Don’t get us wrong. Repainting your home’s interior can be a hugely rewarding experience, and we recommend it. However, painting the interior of your house can seem like a huge challenge, but before you get there, you have to choose what colors go where. Here are the best paint colors for every room, but ultimately the best color is whichever one you like!



Best choice:  light orange and other citrus colors, blues, white, or cream


Bright hues like butter yellow and green will boost one’s appetite while at the same time increasing enthusiasm and motivation. Don’t like to wake up early? Having your breakfast in a bright kitchen can push you to do more. 


Avoiddark blue, black, bumblebee yellow



Best choice: white, pastel yellow, peach, neutrals


Soft neutral and pastel colors will help the space feel relaxing and calming. They will also help relax and flatter your skin tone when getting ready in the mornings. If your bathroom is on the smaller side of things pick a light color like white or lemon will help it feel bigger. 


Avoidanything too bright or extreme



Best choice:  dark blue, green, silver, or caramel


Studies suggest that dark blue walls in a bedroom provide a sense of serenity and protective feelings, helping one to sleep better at night, reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure which makes it the ideal color for a master bedroom. 


Avoid: cool brown, purple, anything too saturated



Best choicesmaroon, dove gray, teal, warm white


Red is stimulating, so it works fine in the living room, unlike many other rooms. Just remember not to go crazy. Opt for muted red toned down by browns or grays, and leave the bright red for small accents. There are also numerous white paint shades to choose from if red isn’t your color, but which would be best for your dining room? While it’s all personal preference, a warmer white will create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere.


Avoid: fire engine red, bright yellow



Best choice: yellow, green, light blue, orange 


In the office of your home, you want a color that wakes you up and helps keep you motivated but doesn’t overstimulate or cause eye strain. When choosing office paint colors, you want to stay away from anything too bright and intense. 


Avoid: navy, black, white (too clinical)


Remember that paint will look different on your computer screen, a swatch, and on your wall. To get the best results, get small samples and paint splotches before you commit to a gallon of paint or more.


For help picking the perfect color for your home and to ensure quality results, call Superior Painting and Remodeling for a quote. We’re proud to be the leading San Antonio residential home painters.